Rhonda Chaikin
Intuitive/Spiritual Healer for People & Animals


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"Thank you for the beautiful, loving, encouraging, uplifting session today!  I LOVED it and felt so supported in knowing and believing I can do anything I set my mind and heart to.  You're very gifted with this work Rhonda." - Candia Lea


"Thank you and your Spirit Guides SO MUCH for saving our beloved cat and bringing him back home. We really thought we had lost him for good. But there he was the next morning, waiting to be let in!  It was truly a miracle!" - Kathy


"Your ability to zero in on where the energy flow was stuck in our business was amazing.  I implemented all of your suggestions, and virtually immediately miracles started happening.  Our employees feel a renewed sense of purpose and excitement; business picked up right away; and my husband and I feel like we've had an energy makeover!  Thank you Rhonda and your Guides for your incredible gifts, support, and caring.
- Cynthia


Is Your Heart Calling You to "Come Home"?

The call of one's heart and soul resonates from deep within, sounding the dawn of an individual's spiritual evolutionary journey - a journey that culminates in Coming Home.  Home to one's Truth that lies within.  Home to the Divine Self that is one's true nature.

I'm Rhonda Chaikin, an innate and gifted Intuitive Healer, Spiritual Mentor, Intuitive Business Coach, and Conscious Channel for the Divine Mother.  For over 15 years, I have provided compassionate, insightful, and life-changing guidance and healing work for both People and Animals.

Also a Way Show-ER and Ambassador for the Divine, I am among those who are helping to usher in and spearhead the emergence of the New Era of Ascension that is taking place on Earth. 

This highly personal and profound spiritual process is one I affectionately call
"Coming Home and Bringing the Body Along, A Spiritual Evolutionary Journey of the Body, Heart, and Soul for All Beings"® or CHABBA for short.

Working with and channeling the Divine Mother (aka the Goddess, Mother Earth, Mother Mary) and an incredibly loving team of Higher Beings, my primary focus and expertise as an Intuitive Healer and Spiritual Mentor is to help support one's spiritual evolutionary - or CHABBA - journey to become and live one's True and Divine Self in the New Era.

How I Can Support You on Your Journey "Home"
You're NOT Alone!

Since I have been on my own spiritual journey "Home" for many years, I know firsthand the challenges and trials and tribulations, as well as the magnificent triumphs and successes this transformational process can involve.

In my Intuitive Sessions for Individuals, I can help:

  • Provide guidance and support for one's personal and professional life path 
  • Provide guidance and support for one's spiritual evolutionary journey

  • Identify, examine, and gain insight into inner blocks related to any personal, professional, spiritual, medical, and/or past-life issue(s)

  • Establish effective tools and consciousness to help heal, transform, and empower regarding any issue(s)

  • Address and heal the inner child, past-life and/or present life traumas and issues

In my Intuitive Sessions for Animals, I can:

  • Help with behavioral issues, especially for rescued/shelter animals

  • Provide healing and energy work for physical and medical conditions (I do NOT diagnose!)

  • Help find lost pets 
  • Assist with an animal's peaceful end of life passage

Most important is to understand we're not alone!  All of the incredible Higher Beings who are working with us are here to shower us with their love, guidance, support, and assistance as we walk our journey "Home".

It is my heartfelt desire and commitment to help you in your process of
"Coming Home". 

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